$100,000 Breakfast Win Adds Pep to Scratch-off Player’s Step

A $100,000 Super Triple 10s breakfast win made Sunday a super fun day for Kathleen Green Neff.

Washington County bookkeeper finds top prize on Super Triple 10s game

 A Hagerstown bookkeeper won’t soon forget the Sunday breakfast of champions that turned her morning into a major-league winner. While sipping a diet soda, Kathleen Green Neff scratched off a winning Super Triple 10s instant ticket and savored a tasty $100,000 top prize.

Winning isn’t new for the 64-year-old, but the size of her prize usually just covers the cost of another scratch-off. For example, the Washington County resident won a $15 prize early last week. She asked her daughter to cash in the lucky instant ticket and pick out a $5 and a $10 scratch-off.

The busy mom forgot about her new Lottery games until she sat down to breakfast that fateful Sunday morning. Right away, she won back the cost of her $5 instant ticket. The hopeful player had just started scratching off her $10 Super Triple 10s game when a “Win” spot appeared. As she revealed the prize area, the amount grew before her eyes. The zeros piled up, turning a humdrum $10 prize into a $100,000 win!

Kathleen was excited but unsure she was reading the game correctly. After inspecting the instant ticket with her husband, the winner checked it using the Lottery smartphone app. She scanned the square QR code on the scratch-off and was delighted by the message that popped up. The instant ticket truly was a $100,000 winner!

The prize is a welcome sight, Kathleen said. The funds will go to pay off medical bills and go toward her retirement fund. “I never thought something like this would happen to me,” she said. “This is a nice early Christmas present.”

Also celebrating is the Shop ’n Save grocery in Hagerstown that sold the lucky scratch-off. For its role in the top-prize win, the retailer located at 18360 College Road earns a $1,000 bonus from the Lottery. Congrats!