$100,000 Instant Win for Baltimore City Employee

Second to Win Big Money Bingo Top Prize

A long-time Baltimore scratch-off player picks up a ticket or two on his way home from work most days. He was adhering to this routine last Thursday but, at the last moment, added something new – a change that would pay off handsomely.

“There are a few games I like to play,” he told officials. “Games that have been lucky for me.” When he was picking out his tickets last week, however, he decided to switch things up. “I just decided to try something new and play a different ticket.” That ticket, Big Money Bingo, delivered not one, but two surprises for the city employee and his family when he scratched it later at home.
“I thought at first that I’d won $500, so we were pretty excited.” The lucky winner returned to the Lottery retailer where he’d gotten his ticket, Wing Hing, located at 700 Cherry Hill Road, but found that they couldn’t cash it there. A second look at the ticket told him why. “When we finally realized that we’d actually won $100,000, we were all speechless. We literally couldn’t speak for a few minutes.”

He tells us that he and his wife will first pay some bills with their winnings but will then focus on making this Christmas a memorable one for their family. Santa might even leave a new car in their driveway. Big Money Bingo still has five $100,000 winners in Lottery retailers around Maryland.