$100,000 Lottery Win Shocks Retired Electrical Repairman

Claims $100,000 win on $100,000 Richer scratch-off

$100,000 RicherA retired electrical repairman from Easton is still recovering from a jolt provided by seeing his $100,000 winning Maryland Lottery scratch-off. His routine purchase that day ended with the shocking discovery of the $10 ticket’s top prize.

“Why couldn’t I win this when I was 30,” he said, joking.

His routine of regularly playing scratch-offs started at his wife’s suggestion as a way to keep the 64-year-old active in retirement. “I just wanted to get him out of the house to do something,” she said. When the loyal player began winning, she encouraged him to keep going out.

“Now he’s been on a streak of winning, but he has not won this big before,” she said. When he returned home to tell her he had won $100,000, she remembers feeling disbelief. “I just said, ‘Yeah, right,’ ” recalled his wife.

Her husband bought two of the $100,000 Richer scratch-offs on the day he found his fortune. The Talbot County man followed his scratch-off routine and sat in his truck scratching the second of his two tickets with a lucky nickel he keeps in his cup holder.

“I uncovered the numbers first, but instead of a number I saw a bundle of cash,” he said. “That’s when I knew I had won and my heart just went flip, flip, flippity, flip.”

The lucky man says he plans to continue his scratch-off routine. The winnings are going in the bank. “I’ve got everything I need. If anything, we may take a vacation,” he said.

There are four $100,000 top-prize winning tickets still available in Maryland stores. Our winner found his Lottery luck at the Easton Sunoco at 8359 Ocean Gateway in Easton.