$100,000 Scratch-off Win a Humbling Experience for Parkville Woman

Let It Snow Tripler top prize answers retiree’s prayers

238-Let-It-Snow-Tripler-ITVMJust in time for the holidays, a Parkville woman enjoyed the best Maryland Lottery experience of her life! First, the retired owner of a cleaning business matched five of the six Monday night Multi-Match winning numbers for a $1,000 prize. Little did she know that her Multi-Match win was only the tip of her lucky iceberg!

“I play when I find myself with a few extra dollars,” she said. The occasional player was extra grateful to win the $1,000 because it answered a prayer. “I didn’t pray for money, or for a Lottery win, but just for guidance and support,” she said.

Accompanied by her sister, the 66-year-old cashed her $1,000 winning ticket at 8 Days a Week Convenience Mart in Parkville. On the way out, she picked up two Let It Snow Tripler scratch-offs and Lottery luck tagged along. She gave one of her $10 scratch-offs to her sister to play after they reached the parking lot. Our winner revealed a $10 prize on her instant ticket and looked over to her suddenly silent sister, who said, “I have some very good news for you!”

“I was just stunned, we both were, but we didn’t celebrate,” the happy winner said. I immediately thought about what $100,000 would mean to my family, a couple of whom are having real trouble. There were tears in my eyes. It was humbling.”

Our winner plans to put her winnings into the bank and then share it with family members in need of financial help.

For selling the top-prize ticket, 8 Days a Week Convenience Mart located at 1700 Taylor Avenue will receive a $1,000 bonus from the Lottery. The Let It Snow Tripler game started two months ago with three $100,000 prizes. One top prize remains.