$100,000 Scratch-Off Win for Baltimore Attorney

Kevin O'Keeffe - Winner Wishes

Baltimore resident Kevin O’Keeffe claims his
$100,000 Winner Wishes scratch-off prize!

Wins top prize playing Winner Wishes game

Kevin O’Keeffe was on his way to City Hall last week to drop off some paperwork when he stopped in at a nearby Lottery retailer. While there, he purchased a Winner Wishes scratch-off and walked out $100,000 richer. Hopefully those papers weren’t too important, since through the excitement of winning, they didn’t get delivered that day.

“I was waiting for the crosswalk light to switch and decided to go get a ticket,” Kevin told officials. He chose the Winner Wishes game because of its price. “I’ve had a good deal of luck with the Lottery’s $10 games.” Scratching his ticket there in the store, Kevin realized almost immediately that he had a winner. “I saw several matches so I knew I’d gotten lucky. The cashier checked it for me and pointed out a few matches I’d missed.” All in all, those matches added up to a $100,000 win. Kevin remained remarkably calm when he discovered what he’d won. Very excited about the win, of course, but more amazed at how fate had put him there. “The store was pretty busy. What if that light hadn’t changed when it did, what if I’d gotten there three minutes later, or earlier?”

The attorney and his wife — who still doesn’t believe this Lottery win is real — plan to have fun with the money and to do some good for the community, in particular a local school they support. Kevin’s lucky store is Trotters, located at 200 St. Paul Street in Baltimore.