$100,000 Scratch-off Win Leaves Retirees All Smiles

“Uncle Munch” and “The Diva” won $100,000 playing the 50x The Cash game.

Couple finds lucky 50x The Cash instant ticket

“Uncle Munch” and “The Diva” were smiling from ear to ear as they claimed their $100,000 prize on the Maryland Lottery’s 50x The Cash game.

After enduring a tough few weeks with a hospitalized relative, the Springdale couple needed good news and Lottery luck turned up at the perfect time. “The Diva,” who is a retired U.S. Navy veteran, was out of state caring for her ill sister when “Uncle Munch” decided to pursue one of his favorite pastimes in retirement. “I love scratch-offs,” said the retired construction worker.

While working out in his fitness center, “Uncle Munch” decided he should play an instant ticket. He followed up on that thought by visiting Lottery retailer Marlow Wings located at 4147 Branch Avenue in Marlow Heights.

The happy husband bought just one of the $10 50x The Cash scratch-offs and the clerk told him, “Hey, I wish you luck.” “Uncle Munch” sat at a table in the Lottery retailer and started revealing numbers and prizes on his instant ticket. Right there, on the second line, the $100,000 prize appeared beneath a number that matched one of the winning numbers.

“I ran out of the store and jumped in my car and locked the doors,” said “Uncle Munch.” He donned his reading glasses to look at the scratch-off again, happily confirming his win. His next move was phoning his wife.

“He said he played a scratch-off and won and told me to write down the following numbers: 1, 0, 0, 0, 0 and 0. I said, ‘Wow, are you kidding me?’ ” The Diva quietly shared the great news with her sister.

“Uncle Munch” said he hid the ticket “very well” until her return, not even sharing its location with “The Diva” over the phone. He is keeping the location secret in case he finds another big winner. “Uncle Munch” even endured a scare when he was out one day and the burglar alarm went off. Luckily, the police determined it was a false alarm. “I couldn’t wait until my wife got back to show her that ticket,” he said.

The parents of two adult children, the Prince George’s County couple plan to pay bills with the $100,000 prize and “have some fun,” said “The Diva.”

The 50x The Cash instant ticket made its debut in January and still has three unclaimed $100,000 top prizes. Players can also hunt for five unclaimed $50,000 prizes, 10 $10,000 prizes and thousands of others ranging from $10 to $1,000. A member of the Lottery’s multiplier family of scratch-off games, the 50x The Cash game is joined by 5x The Cash, 10x The Cash, 20x The Cash and 100x The Cash scratch-offs.

The lucky retailer, Marlow Wings, wins too. For selling the winning ticket, they will receive a $1,000 bonus.