10x Cash Game Delivers 2nd $10,000 Win to Contractor

Forest Hill man bound for family vacation with prize

A contractor from Forest Hill happily took home his second $10,000 top prize playing his favorite scratch-off –10x Cash.

The 61-year-old husband and father has enjoyed tremendous luck with the $10 game, which is one reason he selected it at 7-Eleven #23665. He stopped at the Lottery retailer, which is located at 9617 Belair Road in Baltimore, on his way home from work. The Harford County man also is a frequent visitor to the Maryland Lottery’s scratch-off listings at mdlottery.com.

“I keep an eye on the tickets that have been on sale for a while and still have big winners available,” he said. “It pays to do the homework.”

Scratching off his 10x Cash game later that evening, the loyal player was surprised to discover another top-prize winner. “I yelled out ‘ALL RIGHT!’ Everyone in the house came running.”

This prize will fund his family’s upcoming vacation, the winner said. When he returns home, he’ll go right back to playing 10x Cash scratch-offs.

“This ticket is good to me, and there are plenty of big winners still out there,” he said. Indeed, the game still has 35 $10,000 top prizes remaining in the game along with thousands of other prizes ranging from $10 to $1,000.