10x Cash Scratch-off Delivers $10,000 Prizes to Two Players

$10,000 10X Cash-James Brown_web

Coffee and 10x Cash scratch-offs are the perfect combination for James Brown, who found a $10,000 winner.

Winners hail from Baltimore and Owings Mills

Two lucky players got to rest easy on Labor Day Weekend after finding $10,000 top-prize winning tickets in the Maryland Lottery’s 10x Cash scratch-off game. The popular $10 instant ticket still has 104 top prizes remaining, along with more than 500,000 prizes of $10 to $1,000.

James Brown, a Baltimore construction worker and big fan of Lottery scratch-offs, found his lucky scratch-off at the Rosedale Shell station at 7514 Pulaski Highway in Baltimore. He stopped there to buy coffee and a couple of 10x Cash scratch-offs, which is his current favorite game.

10x Cash has been treating me pretty well recently,” James said. “In fact, just two days ago I was pretty close to a big win.” When he stepped to the counter and asked for his favorite game, the clerk actually dropped the 10x Cash instant ticket next to the display case. “He almost reached for another one, but I told him I wanted the one that fell. I thought it might be a good one.”

Indeed it was! The 52-year-old father of six noticed a match immediately. “I figured it would be a $20 win, which is pretty cool.” When he scratched the prize area and saw $1,000, he was stunned. “I scratched the rest and every line was a match and every prize was $1,000. It’s a $10,000 winner!”

The prize is going toward a new car for the Brown family.

The next winner is a UPS driver from Owings Mills who enjoyed a delivery of $10,000 to himself! After dropping his mom at a grocery store, the 48-year-old stopped by Pikesville Gas and Lottery at 1509 Reisterstown Road in Pikesville where he picked out a few scratch-offs. The scratch-off fan played some of the games at the retailer but, needing to retrieve his mother, pocketed the rest – including the winning 10x Cash ticket – to play later.

“I ended up scratching the tickets around midnight,” said the Baltimore County man. “When I saw the $1,000 win, my eyes almost popped out of my head. But then, when I saw that it all added up to $10,000 … well, I’m a pretty calm person, but I was most definitely not calm then.”

He plans to make his first Lottery cash delivery to a few creditors and expects to have plenty left over to fund a nice vacation.