10x Cash Scratch-off Delivers $10,000 Win to Three Players

$10,000 10X Cash_Abunassar-Jenkins_webBeachgoers Dawn and Anthony Abunassar of Laurel claimed their prize on Friday after leaving sun and surf behind in Ocean City.

Aaron Jenkins of Frederick and his girlfriend Casie Sydnor celebrate his $10,000 10x Cash win.

Top-prize winners this week hail from Baltimore, Frederick and Laurel

Three lucky players found $10,000 top-prize winning tickets in the 10x Cash scratch-off game that debuted July 25. The happy trio, with friends and family members in tow, individually claimed their prizes during the week of Aug. 15-19.

Winning mom Dawn Abunassar of Laurel vowed to return to Lottery headquarters with another lucky 10x Cash ticket. She’s determined to find at least one more of the 107 remaining top prizes in the popular $10 game.

The homemaker and her husband Anthony, who is with WebbMason Marketing, arrived in the Lottery Winner’s Circle after a week of summer fun in Ocean City. Dawn was playing den mother to 10 kids during the family vacation, which led to her visit to Assawoman Ale Shoppe to buy scratch-offs to entertain adults in the group. The Ocean City store, which is located on 5201 Coastal Highway, contained a Lottery vending machine! The mother of three returned to the family gathering with a large selection of games. She’d already won $500 earlier and was hoping for more Lottery luck. She got it!

Anthony scratched off the lucky ticket and the celebration began. The bulk of their winnings will go to offset college costs for a daughter headed to the University of Maryland this fall. Dawn is keeping some of the prize to build back up her scratch-off fund. “I only spend what I win,” she said.

Lottery staff also welcomed 38-year-old Highs store employee Aaron Jenkins of Frederick. He was getting off work and decided to purchase some scratch-offs from his employer before he left. The Lottery retailer is located at 304 N. Main Street in Woodsboro. Aaron selected one of the 10x Cash tickets because a friend had won $10,000 on the popular game when it was first introduced last year. He played the instant ticket in the store.

“I scratched my numbers and the winning numbers first and saw they were all matches,” he said. “I thought it would be at least a $100 win, but when I scratched the first prize and saw the $1,000 amount, I knew it was more!”

Excited, Aaron called his girlfriend Casie to share the news. “I made him text me a picture, because I did not believe him,” she said.   Aaron plans to spend the prize on a new vehicle and to pay bills.

The third 10x Cash winner is Elaine, a nurse from Baltimore. She bought the instant ticket because she is drawn to new games and has won with the 10x Cash game before. Her other prizes, however, were much smaller. “When I saw the 10x symbol, I thought it was for $100 at first,” she said. “I was in total shock when I saw it really was a $10,000 win.” Elaine plans to pay off credit card bills with her prize.

There are more than 600,000 winning 10x Cash instant tickets awaiting discovery at Lottery retailers. They include almost 60 $1,000 prizes and more than 1,300 $500 prizes.