10X Cash Scratch-off Draws Winner from Delaware

Caleb Littleton - 10x Cash_webCaleb Littleton of Delaware can pack his bags for a vacation to Mexico now that he won $10,000  playing the 10x Cash scratch-off.

Claims $10,000 top prize

Crossing state lines for work and to play Maryland Lottery scratch-offs was routine for Caleb Littleton of Delaware – until December. That month, the employee of Wellwood Yacht Club in Maryland decided to take a winter break from playing Lottery games.

The seasons changed and so did Caleb’s Lottery decision. “I am looking to get an apartment soon and I thought, why not try a scratch-off,” he said. “Maybe I’ll win.”

He did! Lottery luck rewarded the 21-year-old with the $10,000 top prize on the popular 10X Cash scratch-off ticket.

Caleb bought the ticket at Royal Farms #084 at 25 Augustine Highway in Elkton on the way home from work. The Bear, Delaware resident takes his time choosing scratch-offs. After he purchased a couple of tickets, Caleb let the customer behind him go ahead with her purchase. He then took his time strategically choosing which additional tickets to play.

“I like to get tickets at the beginning and at the end of a roll,” he said.

Caleb took his instant tickets to his car and started to scratch them there. The very first $10 instant ticket he scratched was the $10,000 winner! Unsure that he was reading the ticket correctly, Caleb checked the directions. As soon as the reality of his win set in, he called his girlfriend and shared his great news. Caleb plans to use his winnings to help pay off his car and school loans. He also wants to take a trip to Mexico with his girlfriend.

The 10x Cash game launched in March and Caleb is the 7th person to claim a top prize. There are still 78 of the $10,000 top prizes in Maryland stores, along with 44 $1,000 prizes.