19-Year-Old Gets $50,000 Bonus from Grandmother

Receives Bonus Match 5 Prize

Bonus Match 5Looking out for family is what it’s all about for a 64-year-old Baltimore grandmother who accompanied her grandson to Lottery Headquarters. So when she realized that she had won $50,000 in Monday’s Bonus Match 5 drawing, she immediately decided to give the winning ticket to her grandson. “I think about their future,” she said, referring to her only daughter and grandchild. “I don’t want them to struggle.

The long-time Lottery fan plays each day, buying her tickets conservatively. “I buy just one line of numbers and always play my birthday and the birthdays of my three brothers and my mother,” she said with a smile. The family-oriented player discovered that she had matched all five numbers after tuning into the Lottery via her Direct TV. “I heard the numbers. I started shaking and called my girlfriend.”  Later that evening, close to midnight, she called her daughter and grandson into her bedroom to share the good news. “I said, ‘sit down. I think we’re to have some extra money.’”

Content to let his grandmother do the majority of the chatting with Lottery officials, the 19-year-old-winner quietly expressed his reaction to his newfound wealth. “To be honest, I didn’t think she was right.”  It was only after coming to Lottery headquarters that he was convinced. “I said, ‘Grandmom, we won. This is for real.”  The young man, who works at Walmart, intends to use his winnings to pay off his car and will put the rest in the bank. Sheepishly he added, “I may go on a little shopping spree.” Naturally, he also plans to share with his generous grandmother. The winning ticket was purchased at Tobacco Barn, located at 2101 E. Monument St. in Baltimore.