$2 Ravens Scratch-off Scores Big Win for Elkridge Teacher

$20,000 prize a complete shock

279-$2-Ravens-ITVMAn Elkridge woman who rarely plays Maryland Lottery games just happened to walk past a Lottery vending machine last week and see a $2 Ravens scratch-off inside. From that moment, her day took a very happy turn.

The teacher was wrapping up her shopping trip at Giant #344 in Elkridge when Lottery luck intervened.

“I was putting my change away after paying for my groceries and I noticed that I had two dollar bills,” she said. That helped her decide to buy the $2 Ravens scratch-off. “It just seemed like it was supposed to happen.” The 56-year-old didn’t realize the good fortune that had come her way until later in the day, after her groceries were put away.

“I really didn’t expect to win, so when I saw a $500 win it was stunning,” she said. Recovering from the shock, the Howard County resident continued scratching off the instant ticket.

“Everything I scratched was a win,” she said. “All 12 chances were winners.” Adding them all up, the happy player realized that she’d just won $20,000.

“I was in disbelief … numb,” she said. Pacing back and forth through her house, she almost convinced herself that the scratch-off was a mistake or fake or a joke. “There was no way this thing could be real.”

The lucky winner reports that her trip to the grocery last week provided some very welcome financial relief. “There are several bills that have been worrying me,” she said. “This win really saves the day for me.”

Her lucky retailer also scores a win. For selling a top-prize scratch-off in the $2 game, the grocery located at 6020 Marshallee Drive in Elkridge will receive a $200 bonus from the Lottery.

The $2 Ravens game on retailers’ shelves since July has awarded five of its eight $20,000 top prizes. Seven $5,000 second-tier prizes remain available along with thousands of other prizes ranging from $5 to $1,000.

In addition, there’s still time for players to enter non-winning Ravens scratch-offs into a second-chance contest with prizes of $10,000, 2017 season tickets or the cash AND finalist status for a future drawing for Ravens season tickets for 20 years. The entry deadline is Jan. 16. Find out more at ravens.mdlottery.com.