$20,000 Lottery Winner Plans to Help Others with His Prize

2x Cash Scratch-Off Pays Top Prize

2x CashA Randallstown resident who won $20,000 on a 2x Cash scratch-off plans to use his Maryland Lottery win to inspire and motivate others.

The retiree bought the $2 ticket just before the New Year’s Eve holiday and didn’t scratch it until returning to work in 2014. In recent years, rather than play scratch-off tickets, the 65-year-old has enjoyed playing the Lottery’s Pick 3 and Pick 4 games. He occasionally won small prizes but nothing of this size. His decision to switch to a scratch-off ticket as his Maryland Lottery game of choice for the end of 2013 was certainly timely!

The winner’s top priority for this top prize is applying it to his life’s calling, which is motivating and serving others. He plans to make a significant contribution to his place of worship, help some close family and friends, make auto repairs and pay off bills. He purchased his ticket at the 7-Eleven at 9100 Liberty Road in Randallstown.