$20,000 Lunchtime Scratch-off Win Leaves Hungry Player Happy

“Texas Cowboy” skipped lunch to win a $20,000 prize on the $1,000 Frenzy instant ticket.

‘Texas Cowboy’ claims second-tier prize on $1,000 Frenzy game

A loyal Maryland Lottery scratch-off player who decided to skip lunch and purchase a $1,000 Frenzy instant ticket instead wound up hungry and $20,000 richer!

The Frederick County resident found Lottery luck at GetGo from Giant Eagle in Frederick. The 57-year-old first scratched off the prize check on the $10 game and scanned the instant ticket at the store, which is located at 1000 West Patrick Street. The retailer’s ticket checker reported that the game was a winner but didn’t reveal the size of the prize. Curious about the prize amount, the Frederick man decided to play the instant ticket.

“As I began to scratch, I got more nervous to see the amounts adding up,” said the “Texas Cowboy,” as he dubbed himself for Lottery publicity. The $10 scratch-off turned into the biggest win of his life!

“Texas Cowboy” returned home from work that evening and had plans to attend a party with his family. But first, the hungry husband confessed to his wife, he simply had to eat because he had skipped lunch. The happy winner then showed her the $20,000 winning scratch-off and she prepared a feast! The prize will go toward a future family celebration, he said.

Want to join in the winning frenzy? The $1,000 Frenzy game has three unclaimed top prizes of $100,000, six more $20,000 prizes and thousands of others ranging from $10 to $10,000. The game is a member of the Frenzy family of scratch-offs; check out the $1 $50 Frenzy, $2 $100 Frenzy and $5 $500 Frenzy instant tickets!