$20,000 Scratch-off Win Gives ‘Baby Love’ an Early Birthday Surprise

An early birthday gift gave “Baby Love” a $20,000 Ravens scratch-off prize.

Claims top prize on $2 Ravens instant ticket

A $2 Ravens scratch-off given as a gift to a lucky Pikesville woman delivered an early birthday surprise – the game’s $20,000 top prize!

“I can’t believe it!” said “Baby Love,” who was enjoying her extra hour of sleep Sunday morning when she unexpectedly received a scratch-off from her significant other. November is her birthday month and the gift came as a welcome surprise. Her significant other is a loyal scratch-off player who decided on that day to share his joy of hunting for a winning instant ticket.

“I always go to the same convenience store and always go for the first 20 or last five tickets of any game,” he said. “The Ravens were playing so I felt that I needed to purchase the Ravens scratch-off.” While at 7-Eleven #34324 in Owings Mills, he purchased four $2 Ravens scratch-offs and headed home.

“I decided to give the last ticket to [Baby Love] and I would scratch the rest of the tickets,” he told Maryland Lottery officials. He remembers telling her, “You’re going to be blessed” as he presented “Baby Love,” unknowingly, with the winning instant ticket.

They scratched off their games together and had no idea how the $2 Ravens game worked. When they saw the Ravens “B” logo appear as a winning number on her scratch-off, the couple realized something big had happened. The scratch-off told them they automatically won the prize beneath the Ravens “B” symbol and that amount was $20,000!

After a celebration, the elated pair returned to the 7-Eleven to confirm the big win. Spotting an employee making coffee, they called out, “Come here, hurry! I think we’ve got a winner!” The employee checked the scratch-off and said the one word they wanted to hear: “Congrats!”

“Baby Love” plans to spend some of her prize on holiday gifts and share some of her windfall with siblings and her daughter. Plenty of winning scratch-offs remain in the game, including six more $20,000 top prizes, seven $5,000 prizes and thousands of others ranging from $2 to $1,000.

“Baby Love” isn’t the only winner in this story. The Owings Mills 7-Eleven #34324 located at 8890 McDonogh Road earned a $200 bonus from the Lottery for selling the top-prize scratch-off.

The $2 and $5 Ravens scratch-offs also offer a great second-chance promotion. Players enter non-winning scratch-offs from the two games into their My Lottery Rewards account for a chance to win prizes. Up for grabs in the next two drawings are 2018 Ravens season tickets, $10,000 or $10,000 plus the designation as finalist to win season tickets for 20 years. For details, visit md.lottery.com/ravens.