$20,000 Scratch-off Win has Fitness Fanatic Pumping Fists, Not Iron

$20K Neon x20 Lepito_web

Bodybuilder Jonathan Lepito of Bel Air won $20,000 playing a $10 Neon x20 scratch-off.

Wins prize on Neon x20 scratch-off

A Bel Air bodybuilder just powerlifted a $20,000 Maryland Lottery prize, pocketing the sum after scratching off a lucky Neon x20 scratch-off. Fitness may be Jonathan Lepito’s passion, but he’s also finding fun in another pursuit – winning the Lottery.

The excitement began when the 33-year-old purchased a couple of $10 Neon x20 scratch-offs Friday morning at the Fallston BP before helping a friend move. When the moving van was empty, Jonathan headed home to enjoy his instant tickets.

He scratched off all of the numbers on the instant ticket first, only revealing the prize if he had a match. On one ticket, Jonathan found a match and, then, beneath the matching number, revealed the last $20,000 prize in the game.

The windfall is a thrill for the player, who said his personal best for a Lottery prize was $250. The busy bodybuilder works nearly 70 hours a week, splitting his time between Retro Fitness and an area GNC supplement store. Jonathan said he may use his prize to take a long-awaited vacation and push his training to the next level. “I’d like to begin competing in bodybuilding or powerlifting and this could help me train and eat well,” he said.

He found his lucky ticket at the Fallston BP gas and convenience store located on 1515 Bel Air Road in Fallston. The game still has two $100,000 top prizes awaiting discovery and over 80,000 other unclaimed prizes ranging from $10 to $1,000.