2010 Starts with a $50,000 Blast for Baltimore Woman

Wins Extreme Cash Blast Scratch-Off Prize

Extreme Cash Blast - Angela GeneretteAngela Generette of Baltimore had a tough year in 2009.  The salary she earned working as a geriatric nurse seemed to fly out the door as soon as she brought it home.  Paying the bills and raising five children pushed her to work more and more hours to keep the family afloat.  She desperately hoped that the new year would bring some relief.  Enter the Lottery’s Extreme Cash Blast instant game.

“I was doing some shopping at my corner market and decided to try a scratch-off,” Angie told officials.  “I started scratching and knew immediately that I’d won some serious money, I thought it was $5,000.”  The owner of the store saw her face and asked if she was okay, if she was ill.  Angela thanked him for his concern and quickly headed home, the ticket still only partially scratched.

“I finished scratching at home and saw that it wasn’t $5,000 but $50,000.  The next thing I remember was my brother picking me up from the floor – I’d fainted.”  Angie shared the good news with friends and family, all of whom seemed to think the luck well deserved.  “Everyone says that I got some help from above, I definitely agree.”

Angie has plans for her Lottery winnings – she’s been saving for a new car and possibly a down-payment on a new home.

Angie ran into her Extreme Cash Blast of luck at the Food Stop at 2415 Frederick Avenue in Baltimore.