2020 Cash Game Lets Player Kick Off New Year as Big Winner

Baltimore woman claims scratch-off game’s $20,200 top prize

She loves scratch-offs, a Baltimore woman told Maryland Lottery officials, and instant tickets have returned the favor over the years. “I always win with these things, and sometimes I really, really win,” said the happy player.

This time, Lottery luck gave her a $20,200 top prize on a 2020 Cash instant ticket. This is her third big-money prize won playing scratch-offs. Her two previous wins were a $100,000 top prize and a motorcycle via a second-chance promotion.

“I couldn’t believe it when I won the first one and really couldn’t believe it when the second one came. This one? This one is the ultimate surprise,” she said.

The 73-year-old purchased the 2020 Cash scratch-off from Sunny Grocery at 3809 Old York Road in Baltimore primarily because it was a new game. “I always look for new games when I’m picking scratch-offs to play,” she said. “I also liked the look of this one.”

The lucky player wins often enough that uncovering the instant-win star symbol on her scratch-off didn’t come as a surprise. Seeing the corresponding prize, however, was a different story. “I truly never expected to win a big prize again, so seeing the $20,200 was a shock.”

Plenty of top prizes remain for 2020 Cash players. Of the 212 top prizes the $20 game originally offered, 185 are still in circulation. The New Year-themed ticket debuted in mid-November.