$20,200 Scratch-off Prize Makes for a ‘Happy Couple’

This “Happy Couple” from Middle River found Lottery luck in a 2020 Cash scratch-off.

Middle River pair find top prize on 2020 Cash game

The Maryland Lottery’s 2020 Cash scratch-off made a Middle River man a lot of money, which in turn pleased his wife and led to the “Happy Couple” enjoying a celebration in the Lottery Winner’s Circle.

The Baltimore County resident won the $20 game’s $20,200 top prize on a lucky instant ticket bought at 7-Eleven #11603 in Middle River.

The husband, who is the primary player, is a fan of the Pick 3 and Pick 4 games as well as scratch-offs. The longtime player has chased Lottery luck ever since the “Happy Couple” moved to Maryland from New Jersey. Initially, his wife was skeptical about her husband’s hobby. He has brought home smaller prizes of $100 and even $500.

The 37-year-old attributed his big win to his decision to try a different instant ticket. First, he played a $30 scratch-off and won a small prize, which he reinvested in the purchase of the 2020 Cash scratch-off. He’s stuck with the 2020 Cash game ever since, enjoying bouts of Lottery luck.

The winner normally plays scratch-offs by scanning the game’s prize check area first. His scan showed his $20,200 top-prize win. The husband, in disbelief, proceeded to scratch off the entire instant ticket to see what caused such a windfall. The lucky number 14 on the “Winning Numbers” section was the one to thank because the number 14 on the scratch-off hid the game’s top prize.

The husband quickly called his wife to share news of his good fortune. The “Happy Couple” agreed to put some of the prize into savings and set aside a portion for a new home.

The 2020 Cash scratch-off went on sale in November and still has 157 top-prizes remaining.

Our winner’s lucky Lottery retailer also can celebrate. For selling a top-prize winning scratch-off in the game, the 7-Eleven #11603 located at 204 Bowleys Quarters Road in Middle River receives a $202 bonus from the Lottery.