20X the Cash Game Crowns “Scratch-off Queen” with Riches

The “Scratch-off Queen” of Clinton is sitting on the throne of good fortune after winning $50,000 playing the 20x the Cash scratch-off.

Clinton woman wins $50,000 top prize on scratch-off

The “Scratch-off Queen” of Clinton is sitting on the throne of good fortune after winning $50,000 playing the 20x the Cash scratch-off game. She gave herself this special title because she loves to play Maryland Lottery instant tickets and feels destined to win again.

The 65-year-old player purchased the 20x the Cash instant ticket and some other scratch-off games at Tucker’s Liquors in Clinton, picked up something to eat and headed home. The royal scratcher retreated to her bedroom, turned on the television, ate her food and scratched off her games. She always reveals the winning numbers first and immediately noticed something peculiar when she played her lucky 20x the Cash instant ticket.

“First I saw I matched the 7’s, so I knew I had a winner,” she said. “When I saw the 20x symbol, I scratched the amount and saw $1,000.” The “Scratch-off Queen” realized that meant she won $20,000 but, as she scratched the other amounts, she saw her prize was actually $50,000!

“My heart started to flutter,” she said, smiling. “I am just beaming with excitement”

Shortly after, the “Scratch-off Queen’s” husband came upstairs and saw his wife in shock. She showed him the instant ticket and couldn’t hide her happiness.

“She kept telling me over and over that she won,” he said, laughing.

The retired U.S. General Services Administration employee has lots of plans for her prize. The mother of twins and grandmother of one will use some of the winnings to fix up her palace. She will also help her children financially, use some of the prize to offset costs for a planned trip to New York City and to boost her savings account.

Her lucky Lottery retailer will also receive some riches. Tucker’s Liquors located at 8100 Old Alexandria Ferry Road earned a $500 retailer bonus for selling a $50,000 top-prize scratch-off.

This $5 game gives players two chances to win cash prizes. They can win up to $50,000 with the instant ticket or win up to $50,000 through the Multiplier Madness second-chance contest. A member of the Lottery’s Multiplier Family of Games, the 20x the Cash scratch-off is joined by the 5x the Cash, 10x the Cash and 50x the Cash games.