$25,000 Keno Win One of Two for St. Mary’s County Man

Family birthdays prove lucky two times over

Way back in November down in St. Mary’s County, an amazing double Keno win put Chief’s Bar in Tall Timbers on the Maryland Lottery’s radar as a lucky retailer. Turns out, the two winning Keno tickets belonged to the same player!

The lucky 65-year-old turned heads at Lottery headquarters in mid-December when he claimed his $25,000 prize AND hinted that he’ll return in January to claim another $25,000 prize. Lunch at Chief’s Bar that day, served with a side order of Keno, was one the retired heavy equipment operator will not soon forget.

The occasional Lottery player was dining with a good friend when he decided to try a game of Keno. “I almost always get random tickets, but I’d just been thinking about a couple of upcoming family birthday so I figured I’d use those dates,” he said. “I recognized my numbers hitting immediately. To say that I was focused on the screen would be an understatement.”

The low-key guy remained calm when the game ended and he calculated his prize. “Thanks to the Super Bonus, I had $25,040 coming to me. I showed my buddy and told him, ‘Today is a beautiful day. This ticket makes my year.’ ”

For tax purposes, the Marylander will cash the second winning Keno ticket next year. He plans to put his prize to good use during the holidays and then put the remainder in the bank.

For selling this first lucky ticket, Chief’s Bar located at 44584 Tall Timbers Road will receive a Lottery bonus of $250.