250,000 Reasons for Birthday Celebration

Delaware Woman Claims $250,000 Mega Millions Prize on 20th Birthday

Mega MillionsQuiet and reserved, the young Lottery winner appeared unfazed by her new-found wealth. Accompanied by her father, she arrived at Lottery Headquarters on her 20th birthday to claim her second-tier Mega Millions prize.

An infrequent Lottery player, she had followed her dad’s lead when she purchased her Mega Millions tickets nearly five months ago. She and her dad, who is an avid Lottery player, were at dinner when he decided to buy some tickets. “I bought 20 and she bought 2,” he said. “Look who won.”

The tickets were purchased for the November 13, 2009 drawing. The jackpot for that evening was $17 million dollars and the winning numbers were 27-43-45-49-54 and the Mega Ball was 44. “She matched all five numbers and her Mega Ball was 04,” said Dad. “That’s how close she came to winning the whole thing.”

The dad and daughter duo both wished to remain anonymous and waited so long to come claim their prize to avoid any attention. “We wanted to wait for the hype to die down,” said the winner’s father.

Although eager to allow her father do most of the talking, the winner said that she will use her winnings wisely. “I want to continue my education and make some investments,” she said. “I’m interested in psychology.” She also intends to buy her dad a new Harley Davidson motorcycle. “She promised me the new Street Glide,” said Dad with a huge smile.

The winning ticket was purchased at the Howard House Tavern, located at 101 West Main St. in Elkton.