26 Happy Frederick Co-Workers Share $50,000 Powerball Prize

IMG_3801 $50K PB Win TEI Group webCongrats to the 26 co-workers of TEI in Frederick who bought a $50,000 winning Powerball ticket in the Jan. 13 drawing.

Won in the Jan. 13 drawing for $1.6 billion jackpot

More than two dozen co-workers at a small Frederick company can throw a huge office party with the $50,000 they won playing Powerball together in the Jan. 13 drawing.

TISSA Enterprises Inc. (TEI) is “home” to the 26 office and warehouse employees who collectively purchased $104 worth of Powerball Quick-Pick tickets to win the prize.

The group picked six employees to purchase tickets at the 7-Eleven located 5703 Buckeystown Pike in Frederick. There were a few doubters in the office who said they wouldn’t win anything and even those who contributed to the office pool purchase were skeptical, said their spokesperson. Needless to say, her building is now full of believers that #peoplewin!

“Yes! I can now buy a new couch,” said Kimpoko Barry, who has never played Lottery games before. The company’s business development officer, Kimpoko has worked at TEI since it began operations 15 years ago. The group selected her to bring members’ credentials to Lottery headquarters to claim their prize.

Although players in three other states hit the jackpot, Maryland also enjoyed a huge number of winners. The drawing created three Maryland millionaires and one $100,000 winner. There were 24 $50,000 winning tickets sold in the state.