$30,000 Bonus Crossword Scratch-Off Win Shocks Suitland Man

‘I almost fell off my feet!’ exclaims winner

137-Bonus-Crossword-ITVMSwitching up his Maryland Lottery scratch-off strategy by playing a different game sent a 60-year-old into shock – for good reason! The Suitland resident is $30,000 richer after buying a Bonus Crossword scratch-off from his favorite Lottery retailer, the Suitland Road Exxon in Morningside.

“Although I still love playing Blackout Bingo, I think I really just wanted to try something a little different,” said the winner, who has worked in the nursing field for over 30 years. “At first glance, I thought I had won $11,000, which almost shocked me, but when the retailer scanned the ticket and told me it was a top-tier $30,000 win, I almost fell off my feet.”

The excited Prince George’s County resident said he loves extended-play scratch-offs because they are fun and take longer to play than regular scratch-offs. “I can buy a few of these and take them to work and play them on my lunch break,” he said. “It can certainly help break up a long 10-hour workday when I have a few of these babies in my pocket.”

Bonus Crossword is a $3 extended-play scratch-off featuring a mobile app. Many lucky scratch-offs are still waiting for discovery in Maryland stores! Players have claimed only three of the 10 $30,000 top-tier prizes since the game’s debut last May.

Here’s how the game works: players with a non-winning Bonus Crossword scratch-off can extend their play and try to win other prizes by downloading the FREE Maryland Lottery Bonus Crossword app from their mobile app store. They can play on their mobile device or on their PC for a chance to win:

  • A coupon valued from $2 to $20 good for Maryland Lottery scratch-off purchases at retailers. You must print out the coupon we email to your inbox and take it to a retailer who sells scratch-offs or use it at one of the Lottery’s self-serve Player-Activated Terminals that have a touch screen.
  • My Lottery Rewards points in amounts ranging from 10 to 200 points.

In addition, they can play for fun as often as they like by selecting the “Play for Fun” option on the app. For details on the extended play option, visit mdlottery.com/bonuscrossword.

The lucky winner plans to use most of his winnings to buy a new car. For selling the top-prize ticket, the Suitland Road Exxon located at 6500 Suitland Road in Morningside will receive a $300 bonus from the Lottery.