$32,052 Keno Surprise for Hagerstown Woman

Diane Baker - KenoGoing out for dinner on Sunday evenings is a regular thing for Diane Baker and her friends.  Playing a few games of Keno during their meal is also a regular thing.  While the events of this past Sunday followed the normal pattern for Diane early on, the latter part of her night was very different indeed.

“I didn’t even watch the games,” Diane admitted to Lottery officials.  “We were talking, enjoying ourselves, so I didn’t think to check the results until we were leaving.”  When the clerk did a double-take upon checking Diane’s Keno tickets she knew something was up.  “I knew when she told us that we’d have to go to Lottery headquarter that it was a big win.”  Ms. Baker checked the numbers on her winning ticket and thought at first that she had a $4,000 winner, but then remembered that she’d played Keno Bonus and the multiplier was a four for that game.  “All of a sudden I had a $16,000 winner – what a surprise.”

When Diane arrived at the claim center to claim her prize, she learned that Keno had one more surprise in store for her.  It turns out that she had made a small error when figuring out the prize – instead of $16,000 the ticket was good for more than $32,000!  “I was in shock, I’m still in shock.”  Diane has a vacation coming up soon, a vacation that has suddenly become a bit more luxurious than originally planned.  As for Sunday dinners, Diane recommends eating and playing Keno at the location where she purchased her ticket — Frank’s Stadium Tavern, at 401 Cannon Avenue in Hagerstown.