$40,000 Holiday Win for Baltimore Woman

Wins top prize on Snowman Bingo Scratch-off

In may not be snowing outside, but a Baltimore woman found her luck scratching a Snowman Bingo ticket earlier this week. The 60-year-old Bingo fan won a $40,000 top prize just two days before Christmas.

The winner bought four scratch-offs, including two Snowman Bingo tickets, at Sam’s Lobby Shop located at 10 N. Calvert Street in downtown Baltimore. She often stops there before work to play her favorite games. The lucky lady won $50 on one ticket and then scratched her way to a $40,000 win on the other.

“I thought it was $100 at first, but then realized it was much more,” said the winner. “I had to remind myself to keep calm.”

The happy player then went back to where she purchased the ticket to confirm the win. It was indeed a $40,000 prize. Filled with excitement, she called her son and asked him give her ride to claim the prize at Lottery headquarters. Once at the Lottery’s Claims Center, she was able to relax a bit after such an eventful morning.

The winner plans to use the winnings for bills and to buy a car. She also said she will share some with her only son. But, he says he does not want anything and that his mother needs it more than he does. “I want her to enjoy this,” he said.