$50,000 April Fools’ Day Scratch-off Win No Joke!

Frederick County man claims top prize on Power 5s game

When April 1 rolls around every year, many people are skeptical of big news being an April Fools’ Day joke. In the case of Brandon LeFevre, his great news was no prank! He really did win the $50,000 top prize on a Power 5s scratch-off on April Fools’ Day.

Even the Frederick man doubted his big win was real – at first!

“This must be an April Fools’ joke,” he remembers thinking. “I’m still in shock that this actually happened.”

Brandon was heading to a relative’s house on Easter Sunday, which fell on April 1, when he realized he had Powerball tickets he needed to cash for prizes. He stopped at 7-Eleven #28961 in Libertytown and claimed a small prize from the tickets. Then, Brandon decided to reinvest the winnings into more Lottery games and he bought two Power 5s scratch-offs.

Hoping to find good fortune, the loyal Lottery player scratched the “prize check” on the $5 games and handed them to the cashier. After the cashier scanned the scratch-offs, the store employee started to scratch one of them off completely. Concerned and interested, Brandon watched closely. Then, the lucky winner heard three words that would change his world.

“You won $50,000!” said the cashier. Brandon immediately believed that the clerk was playing a prank because it was April Fools’ Day. Not so – his big win was no joke! The cashier even scanned the winning scratch-off to show Brandon he had found a top-prize winning instant ticket.

The lucky 26-year-old plans to put his prize into his savings account for future endeavors. Also celebrating the win is the 7-Eleven located at 11922 Main Street. Because the convenience store sold a top-prize instant ticket, the Lottery will give the lucky Frederick County retailer a $500 bonus. The bonus is equal to 1 percent of the prize.

The Power 5s game still has plenty of prizes awaiting discovery. Players can look for one more $50,000 top prize, two $5,000 prizes and thousands of other prizes ranging from $5 to $1,000.