$50,000 Ca$h Payout Win Arrives in Time for Holiday Fun

Marbury player enjoys top-prize scratch-off win

A lucky Maryland Lottery player from Marbury gets to enjoy a $50,000 prize from our Ca$h Payout scratch-off just in time for the winter holidays. The $5 game, which debuted on Sept. 21, still has four more $50,000 top prizes ready to make shoppers smile with glee.

The lucky 53-year-old woman found her winning instant ticket at Grinders Liquors, a local Lottery retailer. In addition to the remaining top prizes, the Ca$h Payout game offers the chance to win 11 $5,000 prizes, 20 $1,000 prizes and more than 600,000 prizes of $5 to $500.

Also celebrating the local lady’s luck is the Charles County Lottery retailer. Grinders Liquors located at 4450 Chicamuxen Road in Marbury will receive a bonus of $500 from the Lottery for selling a top-prize winning scratch-off.