$50,000 FAST PLAY Win Gives Allegany County Man a Jump-Start

Food service worker wins prize on $10 Cold Hard Cash ticket

A Cumberland food service employee reports that this year changed how he worked and the intensity of that work. When his work day ended, the Western Maryland resident needed a jump-start and it came in the form of a startling jolt from winning $50,000 on a FAST PLAY Cold Hard Cash ticket.

The 26-year-old found Lottery luck when he stopped at BFS Foods #76, located at 1124 National Highway in La Vale, to pick up a few items on his way home. He asked the cashier if they had any Maryland Lottery tickets that might be lucky and the cashier suggested he try a FAST PLAY game.

The lucky man purchased two $5 tickets. When one ticket won, he then purchased a $10 Cold Hard Cash game with his winnings. In that instant, his $10 prize turned into a $50,000 win. The player scanned the ticket using the store’s ticket checker and immediately saw he had won the game’s second-tier prize. The windfall was just so unbelievable, he told Lottery officials, that he began to shake a bit from the excitement.

“I always said my time is going to come one of these days,” said the winner.

The Allegany County man and his wife are house hunting and expecting their third child, so the winnings are a welcome sight. “Between all of our life changes and all of the other outside pressures, this is like a jump-start on my life,” he explained.

This player claimed the second of 60 $50,000 prizes in the Cold Hard Cash game, which launched on Nov. 2. The winter-themed game features a progressive top prize that starts at $100,000 and grows with each ticket purchased. There are 39 top prizes remaining.