$50,000 Lottery Winner Heads to Toy Aisle with Scratch-off Prize

Laurel man will help his niece celebrate her birthday in style

169-Fabulous-5s-Doubler-ITVMMany 21-year-olds have grand spending plans when they win big at the Maryland Lottery, but a Laurel man is heading to the toy aisle with his $50,000 win on a Fabulous 5s Doubler scratch-off.

Instead of buying a car or booking a fabulous vacation, the Prince George’s County resident is picking out My Little Pony® dolls and castles for his niece’s upcoming fourth birthday.

“We share a birthday so I wanted to spoil her a little,” the lucky man said, smiling. “This will definitely make that happen.”

He attributes his good fortune to the clerk at the Quick Save Mart & Citgo in Laurel who unknowingly selected the winning scratch-off for him. The new ticket just launched Sept. 22.

“I was getting change and asked the clerk for a $5 ticket, any ticket,” the winner said. “He gave me that one and I took it home to scratch.”

When he checked the ticket later that night, the young adult saw that every number was a winner. His dad, who accompanied him to claim the prize, told Lottery officials that he knew the ticket was worth $50,000 the moment he saw the symbol for a doubler. This is the second big Lottery prize for the family in recent months following his brother’s $10,000 win on a different scratch-off.

The retailer, Quick Save Mart & Citgo located on 3396 Fort Meade Road in Laurel, will receive a $500 bonus from the Lottery for selling the winning ticket. There are four remaining top prizes on the Fabulous 5s Doubler scratch-off.