$50,000 Money Multiplier Win To Finance 2nd Honeymoon

Decade of Saving Tips for Trip Ends for Lottery Winner

Money MultiplierWhen a Montgomery Village woman and her husband married about a decade ago, their young children came along on the honeymoon. The lifelong Lottery scratch-off player has spent the last decade saving her tips from work and ticket winnings for an adults-only second honeymoon. She certainly had Lady Luck on her side this week when she parlayed some Lottery winnings for a Money Multiplier scratch-off ticket.

The $50,000 she won thanks to the Money Multiplier ticket can make her dream of a second honeymoon on a tropical island come true.

“I’ll put most of the money in the bank,” she said, and schedule the couples’ Caribbean getaway for this winter.

The 40-something mom selects scratch-off tickets for a variety of reasons, including their appearance and whether they proved lucky in the past. Before this win, her biggest prize was $500. The Money Multiplier attracted her because the ticket was purple and adorned with sparkles. She often wins small amounts of up to $100 on a variety of tickets and has several lucky retailers she visits for her purchases.

The woman was running errands at lunch when she bought the lucky ticket. She didn’t scratch it off in the store, which is her routine, but waited until she got home. After seeing all the zeros on the ticket, she immediately texted her husband and asked him to text her as soon as he could. The two work full-time on the music side of the special events industry and cannot easily break away to make phone calls.

She remembers texting him that she had something to tell him but didn’t go into much detail. He responded, very concerned asking if something was wrong. She then told him the good news – his initial response was, “You’re kidding me!”

She bought the lucky ticket at Goshen Plaza Beer & Wine at 9150 Rothbury Drive in Gaithersburg.