$50,000 Scratch-Off Creates Bright Future for Bel Air Man [VIDEO]


Man wins top prize playing Money Mania

This morning at Lottery Headquarters, Joseph Garcia, still in shock, came to claim his $50,000 Money Mania prize. On Sunday, the 29-year-old was on his way to breakfast with a friend when he decided to stop and cash in some small scratch-off wins. While there, he purchased a Money Mania ticket. He scratched it off in the car and couldn’t believe his eyes. “I saw $50,000 and it didn’t seem right. I thought it was a mistake,” Garcia said with a grin. He took it to his friend’s house to confirm that his ticket was indeed a winner.

When it finally hit Joseph that he won big, he immediately took the ticket to his parents. “My mom didn’t believe me at first,” he said. “I had my parents lock the ticket in their safe.” Since finding out about his top prize, Garcia has only shared his story with his parents, a good friend and his girlfriend. According to the catering chef, this win was a big relief. “It will definitely give me the opportunity to pay off my loans from college that I was on pace to pay for the next 20 years,” he said. In addition to paying his debts, Joseph plans to take his girlfriend out to a nice dinner and to purchase a new pair of shoes for himself.

The winning ticket was purchased at Fallston Shell, located on 2401 Belair Road in Bel Air.

Joseph Garcia - Money Mania

Joseph Garcia of Bel Air, still in shock, came to claim his $50,000 Money Mania prize.