$50,000 Scratch-off Waits Four Days for ‘Relentless Crossword Player’

“Relentless Crossword Player” of Baltimore is even more committed to playing crossword-themed games after winning $50,000 playing the $500,000 Crossword game.

Lottery winner concludes ‘It must be waiting for me!’

A fan of Maryland Lottery crossword-themed scratch-offs enjoys them so much her husband describes her as “relentless” in her pursuit of the games. After playing a $500,000 Crossword scratch-off and winning a cool $50,000, this “Relentless Crossword Player” is even more committed to her game of choice.

The loyal player lives in Baltimore’s Halethorpe community and was initially intrigued by the $5 crossword-themed scratch-offs. When $10 crossword-themed scratch-offs became available, she tried them and enjoyed winning a few dollars now and then. “Relentless Crossword Player” was a bit skeptical about trying the $20 $500,000 Crossword scratch-off but eventually tried her luck. The 68-year-old bought two scratch-offs, which, sadly, were non-winners. The 68-year-old decided to follow the three-strikes rule and bought one more game that gave her a $500 prize.

That win inspired “Relentless Crossword Player” to try the game again. She visited Lansdowne Citgo at 2810 Hammonds Ferry Road in Baltimore and asked a clerk to read her the last two digits of the serial number on the next $500,000 Crossword game. He answered “11.” The digits held no particular meaning for her so the lucky player decided to wait on her purchase. The next day, she checked and the same business still had the same ticket available. She checked on the third and fourth day only to find the scratch-off still waiting for a buyer.

“I said, ‘Give it to me. It must be waiting for me,’ ” said the winner.

Still in the store, the Baltimore County resident started scratching off the latex and things were looking good. She told her husband, “I think I won!” She knew the total was a lot, but “Relentless Crossword Player” was too overwhelmed to do the calculations. She gave the instant ticket to her husband of more than five decades and he scanned it for her in the store to determine the prize.

The happy couple has no firm plans for the big win, having recently paid off the mortgage on their house and booked an ocean cruise. A recent retiree, “Relentless Crossword Player” wants to make sure the windfall has a long-lasting positive impact on her life so she and her husband will study their options before making a decision.

While $50,000 is a big haul, it is a second-tier prize in the $500,000 Crossword game. There are eight top prizes of $500,000 awaiting discovery. In addition, “Relentless Crossword Player’s” $50,000 score was only the first of 10 prizes at that level.