$50,000 Scratch-off Win Helps Baltimore Man Follow his Dream

“Tony Stark” teamed up with a $5 Deluxe Crossword scratch-off for a super-powered $50,000 win!

Player puzzles his way to a Deluxe Crossword game top prize

A Baltimore City resident got the kind of surprise earlier this week that can make a person feel super powered and ready to follow their dreams. His surprise: scratching off a Maryland Lottery crossword instant ticket to reveal a $50,000 top prize!

The lucky player, calling himself “Tony Stark” in honor of the character behind the super hero Iron Man, selected the winning $5 Deluxe Crossword 6th Edition scratch-off on a visit to his favorite retailer.

Our player’s winning story starts at Grace Grocery in Baltimore, where he played several Lottery scratch-offs. While scratching, one of his last two instant tickets appeared to give him a $50,000 top prize. Unsure that he was reading it correctly, “Tony Stark” scanned the Deluxe Crossword instant ticket using the retailer’s counter scanner. He was stunned when he saw the result flashing back at him once again.

“I double-checked that ticket for about 20 minutes before leaving the store,” said “Tony Stark.”

The lucky winner has told only a few people about his win. Much like the billionaire industrialist Tony Stark of Iron Man fame, Lottery winner “Tony Stark” says he plans to use the funds for an endeavor that will help his neighborhood. He wants to fulfill his dream of opening a corner store in his community.

His lucky game, the Deluxe Crossword scratch-off, joined the Maryland Lottery’s lineup of scratch-off games in June. The sixth edition of the popular scratch-off offers players a chance to win prizes from $5 to $50,000. With this win, the game has five unclaimed $50,000 top prizes remaining.

The lucky site of “Tony Stark’s” Lottery luck was Grace Grocery Market located at 2435 West Lafayette Avenue in Baltimore. For selling the top-prize winning scratch-off, the store earned a $500 bonus from the Lottery.