$50,000 Taxes-Paid Scratch-off Win for Baltimore Man

Found an early Christmas Eve surprise while out to dinner with friends

Biggest Taxes Paid EverA Suitland man was out to dinner with a few close friends to celebrate Christmas Eve when he decided to purchase four of the brand new $5 Biggest Taxes Paid Ever scratch-offs. He would’ve been fine with the $20 prizes he won on the first two tickets, but when the third ticket revealed the $50,000 top prize, he couldn’t believe his eyes.

“I just looked at the ticket again and again,” the 73-year-old man said. “I couldn’t believe it.”

His two close friends, who were also seated at the table, leaned over to see what had their friend so confused. The group quickly realized that the ticket was a top prize winner. Not just any top prize winner – it was a taxes-paid top prize.

“Everyone in the restaurant started buying the tickets,” his friend, who accompanied him to Lottery headquarters, shared. “They sold out the entire roll!”

Eager to claim his prize, the winner called Lottery headquarters to see if he could come in to claim his prize that same night. “I called, but the office was closed for the holiday. I put the ticket into a safe and waited,” he said.

The lucky winner plans to use the money for dental work and a trip to Puerto Rico. “I told all of my grandchildren and they all asked for money for Christmas,” he laughed. “We’ll see.”

It’s safe to say this lucky Suitland man will be going back to where he bought his lucky ticket at Marlow Wings located at 4147 Branch Avenue in Temple Hills.