$50,000 Winning Scratch-off Almost Discarded by Mistake

Construction worker Elmer Osorio of Baltimore found $50,000 worth of Lottery luck in a Deluxe Crossword scratch-off.

Baltimore construction worker finds top prize on Deluxe Crossword game

Although an avid Maryland Lottery player for over 10 years, Elmer Osorio had never before seen the message that appeared when he scanned a Deluxe Crossword instant ticket.

The Baltimore resident plays scratch-off games each week and has won small amounts here and there, but nothing of significance. Last Friday, Elmer’s persistence paid off as he came across a $50,000 top-prize winning scratch-off.

The 30-year-old construction worker visited Wawa #8504 in Halethorpe. As usual, he purchased his instant tickets. Minutes later, the message “See Lottery” turned up when Elmer scanned the lucky $5 instant ticket while in the store. He told Lottery officials that he almost discarded the yellow scratch-off that was his ticket to the biggest win of his life, thinking he hadn’t won. Instead, he decided to show the scratch-off to the store clerk to see what the message meant. To Elmer’s amazement, the clerk told the family man that he had a $50,000 winner and should visit Lottery headquarters in Baltimore to claim his prize.

Lucky Elmer kept his composure while in the store so he wouldn’t draw too much attention to his win. He has only shared the news of his brush with Lottery luck with a close friend. When asked of his plans for the prize, Elmer said has nothing immediate in mind but may purchase a house for his family in the future.

Sharing in his luck is his lucky Lottery retailer. Wawa #8504 located at 3716 Washington Boulevard will receive a $500 bonus from the Lottery for selling a top-prize winning scratch-off.