$50,000 ‘Winsomnia’ Hits Lucky Hurlock Resident

She discovers Bonus Match 5 top-prize win at bedtime

A sleepy Hurlock woman experienced a case of winner’s insomnia last week and spent some of the night counting dollar signs instead of sheep. Just before bed, the 73-year-old discovered she won a $50,000 Bonus Match 5 top prize in the Aug. 20 drawing!

The lucky player, who worked as a medical provider for decades, said she was preparing for bed when she remembered to check her Bonus Match 5 ticket. The Dorchester resident had placed a $6 quick-pick wager for drawings covering Aug. 19-21 while at a gas station in Cambridge.

She fished the ticket out of a pocket and began comparing it to the drawing results. “Winsomnia” was surprised when the numbers matched exactly. After scanning her ticket with the Lottery’s smartphone app, the loyal player was notified about her win.

“Winsomnia” told Lottery officials that she did eventually get some rest that night and woke up refreshed, elatedly greeting the new day and gazing once again at her lucky ticket. She told a Lottery official that she plans to use her winnings to pay a few bills and help her family.

This is one of 45 Bonus Match 5 top prizes won this year and is the game’s fifth top-prize win in the month of August. “Winsomnia” bought her lucky ticket at Cambridge Gulf located at 212 Sunburst Highway in Cambridge. The lucky retailer will receive a $500 retailer bonus from the Lottery for selling the top-prize winning ticket.