$575,000 Prize Strikes a Power-Chord for Frederick Hairstylist/Musician

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A Frederick area hairstylist had a hair-raising moment this week when his Multi-Match ticket brought him a $575,000 jackpot win.

Wins Lottery’s Multi-Match jackpot

A Frederick area hairstylist had quite the hair-raising moment this week, when his Multi-Match ticket turned out to be a cut above the rest. The part-time musician hit a high note when he discovered he held the $575,000 jackpot-winning ticket from the Monday, July 28 drawing.

Winning small amounts is nothing new to this avid Maryland Lottery player, but he’s never enjoyed a prize this large.

“I don’t like the long odds, so I usually play just Multi-Match and maybe a Mega Millions here or there,” said the 43-year-old. He has several favorite Lottery retailers and two stores played a role in his Multi-Match adventure.

Good luck followed him on Friday, July 25, into Hi-Way Liquors in Frederick, where he cashed a lucky ticket from a previous drawing. While there, he bought a $4 quick-pick Multi-Match ticket for the July 28 drawing. He didn’t even think to check the ticket until the next day, when he was in Hagerstown at Half Way Liquors on Virginia Avenue.

He vividly remembers making small talk while the clerk checked his ticket.

“I asked if he’d ever seen a big winner and what was the largest win the store had ever had,” the hairstylist said. Unbelievably, the store equipment just then indicated the ticket was not only a winner, but a big winner. “The clerk told me I had won the jackpot and his voice started to crack. We were both nervous,” the man said. Luckily, no one else was in the store so he could easily make a quick exit.

Few people know about his win, the Frederick County man said. He did share the good news with an old friend and they celebrated his success. The two of them shared lean years as they worked to get a foothold in the music business.

“He said that he and I never had any options when we were young and broke, but that I had options now,” our winner said.

The jackpot win will not change his outlook on work, be it composing music or sculpting a coiffure. “If anything, this will make me feel better about working my 9 to 5,” he said. The lucky man plans to use the prize to pay off an auto loan and invest in a musical venture.

Also a cash winner in the jackpot drawing is Hi-Way Liquors at 6915 Baltimore National Pike in Frederick. The store will receive a $1,000 bonus for selling the jackpot-winning Multi-Match ticket.