$77,777 Scratch-off Win Nearly Causes Coffee Catastrophe

Player finds top prize on 7 game

272-7-ITVMA project manager from Timonium discovered a sweet Maryland Lottery treat recently while on his lunch break in his truck.

The 64-year-old found Lottery luck when he stopped at 7-Eleven #27124 in Capitol Heights to grab a cup of coffee and possibly a few crossword scratch-offs to play during his break. He noticed the Lottery retailer didn’t have the bingo scratch-off he usually buys so he got a $5 7 instant ticket instead.

“As I got halfway down while scratching the ticket, I noticed the ticket was saying that I had matched corresponding numbers,” he said. “It was basically telling me I had won $77,777. That’s when I almost spilled my coffee on my lap in my truck! When I regained my composure, I walked into the store to scan the ticket.”

The Lottery’s scanner told him to head straight to Lottery headquarters in Baltimore to collect his prize! The lucky Baltimore County man said this win tops all of his other wins over the last 20 years. His previous lucky scratch-offs delivered $500 and $1,000 prizes.

“This big win came at the perfect time,” he said. “I was starting to worry about how I was going to pay for my three daughters’ future college educations. And now, I don’t have that worry anymore.”

He also plans to upgrade his man cave by adding a 70-inch big-screen TV. Joining in the celebration is his lucky Lottery retailer. The Prince George’s County convenience store located at 1428 Ritchie Road will receive a $777 bonus from the Lottery for selling a top-prize scratch-off in the game.

The lucky 7 instant ticket, which debuted in September, started with seven top prizes. After his $77,777 win, there are now four top prizes remaining along with 11 $7,000 prizes and thousands of others ranging from $5 to $1,000.