8 Spot Brings Baltimore County Man $50,000 Keno Win

Quick errand turns profitable for Glyndon man

A Glyndon man was thinking of his wife of 16 years when he stopped at a local liquor store to pick up a bottle of wine for her to enjoy. While checking out, he decided to make a last-second purchase of an 8 spot Keno ticket. Anxious to get home, he picked up his purchase and Keno ticket and left the store before learning that his 11th-hour purchase was worth $50,000!

A regular Keno player, the man told Lottery officials that he usually checks his tickets at home where he watches the numbers drawn online. “When I got home, I looked up my game numbers and clicked through to make the numbers appear faster,” he said. “Then I saw that my ticket matched all eight numbers on a game.”

A message flashed on his screen, informing him of his $50,000 win. Thrilled, the man shared the news with his wife and put the ticket somewhere safe until he could come to Lottery headquarters the next day to claim his prize.

“Luckily I had the day off, so I could come in today,” he said.

The man, who recently purchased a new truck, said the money would go toward his new car payment. “I’ll save a little bit, but I’ll put a good chunk down on the truck,” he said.

The lucky winner purchased his $50,000 Keno ticket at Jerry’s Discount Liquors located on 14 Westminster Pike in Reisterstown.