A Bouquet of Bingo Scratch-offs Leads to Beaucoup Winnings!

Elkton resident wins $100,000 top prize on Bingo Times 10 scratch-off

A heavy slate of weekend errands are what put a Cecil County woman in the right place at the right time to purchase a bit of Lottery luck! The 69-year-old Elkton resident was picking up items for an afternoon out of Saturday’s frigid temperatures when she purchased a Bingo X10 scratch-off worth $100,000!

The lucky shopper, a retired administrative assistant from an area university, had almost completed her laundry list of items when luck struck. She had bought a newspaper, rented a movie and purchased several Bingo X10 scratch-offs from 7-Eleven #32341.

When she arrived at the grocery store, the loyal player decided to check a few of the $10 instant tickets. She scratched the bingo games and won small amounts on a few of them but then revealed a strange result. A zigzag pattern known as a “twist” had appeared on one of her scratch-offs. When the clerk scanned that instant ticket, the game revealed its $100,000 top prize!

After celebrating with the clerk, the scratch-off fan rushed home to share the news with her husband. His reaction was a quick kiss!

The winner said she has many possible plans for her $100,000 prize. The couple love to travel and would like to use the winnings for a cruise and a long-awaited trip to see Arches National Park in Utah. They have often donated to charities but say the windfall will give them the ability to do even more good for others.

“I have more reasons to share my good fortune,” said the winner.

The Bingo X10 scratch-off first appeared in Maryland Lottery retail locations in July and still has two $100,000 top prizes remaining.

The source of her lucky find, 7-Eleven located at 299 East Pulaski Highway, is a winner, too. In addition to bragging rights, the store will receive a $1,000 retailer bonus for selling a top-prize scratch-off worth $100,000! Congrats!