A Clean Purse Reveals $250,000 Lottery Win

Glen Burnie Player Takes Home Mega Millions Prize

Wendy Weber - Mega MillionsIf you are sitting at work and the computers go down, what do you do? You could twiddle your thumbs, look through a magazine, phone a friend or do what Wendy Weber did. She cleaned out her purse and came across some Mega Millions tickets from the week before, and one of them turned out to be a big winner.

Wendy could not access the Lottery’s website at work, so she had to depend on her co-worker’s cell phone to get the winning numbers. “He called out some numbers, so I knew I won something,” she said. “But, when he said I had all five numbers, I was so excited.” And, she had every right to be. By matching all five numbers except for the Mega Ball, the 48-year-old had just won a $250,000 second-tier prize. The big winner called her husband and left work on her lunch break to cash the winning ticket.

The Social Security Agency employee said she has no clue what to do with the winnings. “I am from a big family, so I’ll probably have a huge gathering,” she smiled. Wendy added that she and her husband may take a trip and she’ll put some of it away. The winning ticket was purchased at Genes Snack Bar, located inside the Social Security Complex in Woodlawn.