A Couple That Plays Maryland Lottery Games Together Wins Together

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A Berlin couple of scratch-off fans claim a $10,000 prize on the Crossword Deluxe game.

Berlin pair claims $10,000 prize on Crossword Deluxe scratch-off

A Berlin couple who take turns purchasing Maryland Lottery scratch-offs and tackle the instant tickets as a team found Lady luck on their side recently. Jennifer Schweinsberg and Richard Shipp played a Crossword Deluxe scratch-off and won $10,000.

Luckily for the Eastern Shore couple, it was Jennifer’s turn to buy the games. She went to their favorite Lottery retailer, Friendship Food Mart at 10709 Grays Corner Road in Berlin, to buy one $10 Crossword Deluxe ticket.

“I like the extended-play games, even though Richard doesn’t,” she said. The 36-year-old Walmart bakery employee took the game home and began scratching off some words. “I started dancing, because I thought we won $500,” she said.

Richard wasn’t so sure, so he took the ticket and realized there were more words to scratch. The couple revealed one more word together and then Richard scratched the remaining words. They uncovered nine words for a $10,000 win!

“I was happy for the win, but was looking for that one other word that would have increased our win to $100,000,” said Richard, 38.

With mixed emotions, the couple began to tell family and friends about their good fortune and discovered that some thought the two were playing a late April Fools’ joke. “The only one who believed us was my dad,” said Richard, a mobile home complex groundskeeper. He had to work extra shifts to get the day off to claim the prize on his birthday.

Richard and Jennifer, who have three daughters, told the girls and they pulled out a list of wants. “Oh yeah, we will take care of them,” said Richard with a grin. The couple also plans to pay bills and catch up on life with their unexpected prize. Jennifer and Richard also will continue to tag team their scratch-offs purchases. “The only time we win is when we play together,” said Jennifer, smiling.