A Dream Come True for Aberdeen Couple

Wins $50,000 Bonus Match 5 Top-Prize

Gabriel Jones - Bonus Match 5Gabriel Jones’ mother has been having a recurring dream. In her dreams, her 37-year-old son wins the Lottery.  Yesterday evening, her dream became a reality as Gabriel matched five out of five numbers to win the Bonus Match 5 top prize of $50,000.

Every day the Aberdeen resident plays his five lucky numbers, as well as two lines of numbers he chooses somewhat randomly. Last night he sat in the kitchen, checking his numbers online as Tineka, his girlfriend, was upstairs hoping for a win. Although he knew immediately that his lucky numbers didn’t match, Gabriel saw that his second line of numbers looked like winners. When he called Tineka downstairs to tell her the good news, she thought the prize was $100. Upon realizing their ticket was actually worth much more, the ecstatic but disbelieving couple, checked and double-checked it. They even ran down the street right away to 7-11 to have it scanned.

The win comes at the perfect time for the couple of five years, who have been struggling with unemployment. “Now we can afford a ring,” Tineka said with a big smile on her face and tear-filled eyes. The couple would also like to use their winnings for a down payment on a house, and Gabriel plans to fix up his 1986 Porsche. The couple intends to continue playing the Lottery. They hope that one day they will hit the jackpot of their favorite game, Powerball, and their dreams will come true once again.

The winning ticket was sold at The Eagles Nest, located at 8 Aberdeen Shopping Plaza in Aberdeen.