A Lucky Hand for Pasadena Man

Wins $10,000 Blackjack Tripler Top Prize

Henry Lee - Blackjack TriplerHenry Lee has no strategy when it comes to playing the Lottery. He purchases a scratch-off almost every day, but never puts too much thought into his selection. On Tuesday evening, the Pasadena resident took a chance with the Blackjack Tripler scratch-off which turned out to be a $10,000 top-prize ticket.

“Sometimes you just do things hoping you win some money,” said Henry. When the ticket was revealed to be a winner, the 81-year-old could not contain his excitement and headed straight to his best friend’s house to share the news.

“I won some money. Now let’s do something about it,” Henry told his long-time friend. The two double-checked the winning ticket at two retailers before making their way to Lottery headquarters the next day. “Henry is like family to me. I wanted to make sure everything ran smoothly,” explained Henry’s friend, who tagged along to claim the prize..

Henry plans to treat his friend and his girlfriend to dinner. He will also continue to play the Lottery, in hopes of striking it rich again. The winning ticket was purchased at Sunflower Shell, located at 8078 Ritchie Hwy in Pasadena.