A Lucky Pit Stop for Pennsylvania Trucker

Wins $50,000 playing Million Money Match Scratch-off

Driving a truck for a living can be tough – away from home for weeks at a time, non-stop travelling, city to city, state to state.  A truck driver stopped by Lottery headquarters yesterday to share one of his tips for making the trips seem shorter – Maryland Lottery scratch-off tickets.

It turns out that buying instant tickets in each state he visits is a hobby for our latest winner.  The Pennsylvania man, from a town just outside of Pittsburgh, picks up the tickets to bring home to his girlfriend.  They scratch them together as part of their “welcome home” celebration.  A trip he took last month just happened to bring him through Maryland where, when making a quick stop, Lottery luck struck.  “It was the right place at the right time kind of thing,” he told officials.  “I’d never played Million Money Match before but the clerk was loading them into her display when I walked in.  I asked for one and tucked it away.”

The $50,000 surprise happened a week later.  “We looked at the scratch-off in shock,” said the winner.  “We must have gone over the game rules ten times before we believed it.”  The winning scratch-off was purchased at AC&T store, located at 11079 Big Pool Rd. in Big Pool, Washington County.  The couple intends to use their winnings to get out of debt.