A New Game Pays Off for Woodlawn Truck Driver [VIDEO]


Wins $100,000 Playing Hot Cash Casino

Michael Chestnut is a man of routines.  A truck driver, he often finds himself carrying the same cargos along the same routes, delivering them to the same destinations.  A departure from the usual worked out very well for him yesterday, though.

Part of Mr. Chestnut’s routine is the Maryland Lottery – instant tickets, to be precise.  He plays most days, he told officials, buying tickets from stores along his route.  “I stopped in to cash in a winner with plans to get the same ticket again because I’d been lucky with it,” he reported.  “But I saw this one (Hot Cash Casino), a game I hadn’t seen before.  So I got it instead.”  Michael returned home and was pleased to see, upon scratching his ticket, a club symbol which multiplies the prize by ten.  He hadn’t, though, scratched the corresponding dollar amount.  “I always scratch the dollar part last,” he said. When he saw the $100,000 prize he was floored.  “I have got to be reading this wrong,” he said, over and over.

Michael’s lucky store is the 7-11 at 620 Reisterstown Road in Baltimore.  He has no immediate plans for his winnings.

Michael Chestnut - Hot Casino Cash

Truck driver, Michael Chestnut, is on the road to riches
with $100,000 Hot Cash Casino win.