A New Millionaire in St. Mary’s County

Avenue Couple Claims $1 Million Big Money Mega Play Scratch Prize

Big Money Mega PlayThe Thanksgiving holiday is always special, but some are more memorable than others. Maybe the turkey was especially good one year. Maybe a rarely-seen relative was able to join you. Or, in this case, it was the day that a couple from the small town of Avenue in St. Mary’s County won $1 million.

The lucky couple claimed their prize this morning, waiting until their hectic work schedules allowed them both time to make the trip. “It’s been tough waiting,” they admitted. “We’ve not been getting much sleep.” The $1 million Big Money Mega Play ticket was purchased from Murphy’s Town & Country grocery store at 21270 Abell Road in Avenue. “I scratched part of the ticket at a stop light when I was driving home from Murphy’s,” she told officials. “Just enough to know I had a match.”

The rest of the ticket was played when the winner returned home, where her husband was sleeping. “I must have looked at it thirty times, in total disbelief.” She calmly woke her husband, who thought from her demeanor that something terrible had happened. “I was relieved at first that it wasn’t bad news, but then just amazed at just how good the news was.”

Along with purchasing a new home that they’ve been discussing for a while, the couple plans to share a good chunk of their winnings, believing it important to spread the “blessing” around. “There’s a lot of good we can do for people around us who really need help.”