A Surprising “Bonus” for Silver Spring Man

Albert Napolitano - Bonus Match 5

Albert Napolitano (pictured right) celebrates his Bonus Match 5
win with Lottery retailer Mike Slonin.

Wins $50,000 Playing Bonus Match 5


Albert Napolitano was stunned by his recent Lottery win. Not because he’s unfamiliar with Lady Luck shining on him, but because he’s been in her spotlight before. “My son told me that I’d only win big once in my lifetime,” said the happy Bonus Match 5 winner, who came to Lottery Headquarters accompanied by Lottery store owner, Mike Slonin, to claim his most recent prize. The other big win that his son was referring to was just under $250,000, which Albert won close to ten years ago at a casino.

I called my son and said, “Lightning strikes again.” The lucky 69-year-old.buys his tickets from the same retailer at the beginning of every week and checks winning numbers online. “I did my weekly numbers check on mdlottery.com and couldn’t believe I won!”  Stilling reeling in disbelief, he quickly shared the good news with his wife, who was equally surprised and elated.

The father-of-three plans to use most of his winnings to pay bills and will also give some cash to his children.

The winning ticket was purchased at Dempseys of Ashton, located on 1 Olney-Sandy Spring Rd. in Ashton.