Aberdeen Angler Reels in Monster of a Scratch-off Prize

Harford County man wins $10,000 playing Maximum Money game

Successful fishing is combination of patience, persistence and a bit of luck. That same combination also works for winning playing Maryland Lottery scratch-offs, according to one happy Harford County resident. He hooked a whopper of a win with a $10,000 prize on a Maximum Money scratch-off earlier this week.

The 69-year-old former refrigeration manufacturer retired seven years ago and now passes the time with his three passions: family, fishing and scratch-offs. His grandson would frequently visit, bringing along a bundle of scratch-offs for him. This week, the $10 Maximum Money ticket surfaced and looked promising. Could he reel in a win? When one of his numbers matched, the angler from Aberdeen felt excitement like that when a fish tugs a baited line. Revealing the matching number’s prize amount of $10,000 was exhilarating.

The lucky winner told Lottery officials that he doesn’t have any immediate plans for the prize but might take a couple of nice fishing trips. “Anywhere there’s fishing is all right with me,” said the retiree.

Could you hook a winner at his lucky Harford County retailer, too? Visit Post Road Liquors located at 1123 Revolution Street in Havre de Grace. The $10 Maximum Money scratch-off launched in April. There are still seven unclaimed top prizes of $100,000 remaining in the popular game, along with thousands of other prizes ranging from $10 to $10,000.